Professor van der Want award 2017 for Sandra Abbo

Published on
May 10, 2017

On Friday May 12th 2017, we will hand out the Van der Want award to Sandra Abbo.
Prof. dr. Jan van der Want (1921-2007) was the second chair holder of the Laboratory of Virology (1961-1986). In 2007 the Van der Want family has installed a fund to reward excellent master students of Wageningen University for virological literature reviews, thesis or internship reports.

Sandra Abbo receives the award for her MSc thesis entitled: “Development and optimisation of vaccines against Zika virus, Ross River virus and Chikungunya virus”, which was based on experimental research performed under supervision of Dr. Gorben Pijlman. Sandra Abbo is currently a PhD-student at the Laboratory of Virology in Wageningen.