Publication Files Wageningen UR combined

Published on
January 11, 2004

In the last newsletter we announced the modifications in Wageningen Yield (WaY), the Wageningen UR publication file. For quite some time now the publication files of Wageningen University and DLO (LUWPUBS and DLOPUBS) have been presented as the WaY Index. The searching possibilities in the WaY Index have recently been much improved. A formula for advanced searching has been added and Booleaans searching is also possible. Extensive help-information is provided for both methods of searching. Because the newly improved WaY offers many more possibilities than separate files, the moment has come for the latter to be discontinued. From 1st December the publication files of Wageningen University and DLO will no longer be provided as separate files. This will give more clarity to users: there is now only one place where all Wageningen UR publications can be found.

(Newsletter 12-2004)