Pulse fishing research at EZO in the Resource magazine

Published on
May 11, 2017

PhD candidate Pim Boute MSc and principal investigator Martin Lankheet of the chairgroup Experimental Zoology, were interviewed by the Resource (the news website and magazine for students and staff of Wageningen University & Research) on their ongoing research on electric pulse fishing.

They study the impact of electrical pulses on marine organisms within the "Impact Assessment Pulstrawl Fishery" (IAPF) project lead by dr. Adriaan Rijnsdorp. This project is a research consortium together with Wageningen Marine Research, the Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research, and the Flanders Institute for Agricultural and Fisheries Research (Belgium).

The complete Resource article can be opened via this link.

The IAPF project is commissioned by the Dutch Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality (previously by the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs) and financed through the Dutch component of the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund (EMFF). Visit “Dossier pulse fishing” for more information regarding the research, news, and publications on pulse fishing by Wageningen University & Research. Visit "Pulse Fishing" regarding current and past research on pulse trawling and the latest information on catches, discards, ecosystem effects, and economic viability in relation to the use of pulse trawling.