Recommendations for the library collection

Published on
June 15, 2015

We evaluated the responses from the latest Employee Monitor about the collection of Wageningen UR Library. Over 3000 surveys were received. Overall, the collection scored ‘good’.

Although the journal collection received many positive comments like ‘perfect’ and ‘up to date’, some users still had criticism:

  • I miss the availability of many journals

  • The library does not have access to some major sources

  • Too few journals on social sciences

  • I miss some veterinary journals

The opinion about the book collection is more or less the same. A lot of people are satisfied but some find the e-book collection too small or indicate that 'not all books are available'.

In both cases we would be happy to serve you as best as we can. If you want a specific journal or book in the collection, please let us know. To suggest purchases you can use the ‘Recommend a purchase’ form.