Register for resit exams in August before June 14

Published on
May 27, 2020

The resit exams in August will not take place on campus. For some resit exams (when few students are expected to join), an alternative exam form, such as an oral exam, may be a better solution than an online exam. We need some time to prepare this and arrange the many different exams.

Therefore, we ask you to register for your resit exams before June 14. If you don’t have your exam result back from period 6 and think you might need to re-take the exam, please register just in case.

If you haven't done an online exam yet, if you have a new laptop/computer or if you have done a major software upgrade, make sure to prepare yourself properly by (re-)taking the Try-out exam. Before you start the Try-out, please do check the Rules Online exams and the Frequently Asked Questions in Brightspace.