Registrations for the 27th residential ETC Summer School are now open!

Published on
December 6, 2017

The 27th residential Summer School will be held in Perugia, Italy, hosted by the Experimental Center for Health Promotion and Education, in collaboration with CERSAL, Umbria Region, Municipality of Perugia and Orvieto. The course will be held from 16 July - 28 July 2018.

Central to the 27th ETC Summer School is an intergenerational perspective on health promotion:  Lifecourse health development: empowering people and settings.
Globally, the importance of adopting a settings approach and the significant role of social connectedness among people, communities, human-beings and their environments, has been widely recognised.

The overall aim of the Perugia residential Summer School is to provide an international and multidisciplinary forum for the interdisciplinary exchange of knowledge and skills, with opportunities to explore:

  • People-environment interaction in relation to the promotion of health and wellbeing (health promotion)
  • Internal and external resources and mechanisms that enable people to participate fully in society
  • System approaches to create synergy between Salutogenesis and the life course perspective