Research@WUR: new public portal for WUR research output

Published on
December 4, 2018

WUR gets a new public portal to showcase its research output and expertise: Research@WUR. Research@WUR offers WUR publications as well as expertise overviews for researchers and research units. The portal also has search features for expertise and research output. Research@WUR is now available to WUR staff only. You are invited to discover the portal and to check your research output. In March 2019, Research@WUR will become publicly available and replace Staff Publications.

Research expertise

Research@WUR includes WUR research output that is registered in Pure. It also shows overviews for researchers and research units. Publications are used to automatically generate key subjects of each individual researcher or group, to show their research expertise. Each WUR researcher and each research unit has an overview page in Research@WUR.


The collaborations between researchers or research units within and outside WUR are shown on a map and visualised as a network. The collaboration map is based on co-authorships in peer-reviewed articles from the last five years.

Research output

Not only journal articles, books, book chapters, and reports are available, but also datasets, projects, press and media clippings, prizes and activities. All these data are visible in Research@WUR but only if the data is registered in Pure.

Research credits

Research credits and other information about your publications will not be available in Research@WUR. You can find this information in My Library.

Try it out!

We are testing and improving Research@WUR the coming months. We could use your help for this. We’d like to ask you to check the following personal information in Research@WUR:

  • Is your publication list complete? Ask your Pure contact (usually your secretary) to add the missing research output in Pure.
  • Do you want to add or change your profile photo? Please do that yourself in We@WUR.

For other matters, check the Research@WUR Help page or contact the Servicedesk via the contact form on the bottom of the Research@WUR page.

We are interested in what you think of the new portal. Please send us your comments and remarks.