Research knowledge in the classroom

Published on
December 11, 2018

WUR Library staff helps researchers of Wageningen University & Research and teachers in professional agricultural education to spread research results to the classroom. Through the Groen Kennisnet programme ('Green knowledge network'), new digital books and dossiers are made openly available.

In 2018, 20 groups of WUR researchers and MBO and HBO teachers started new WURKS (WUR Knowledge Share) projects. These groups develop content for professional agricultural education in the Netherlands. All educational content is open accessible in the Groen Kennisnet infrastructure.

How does it work and how does WUR Library staff support the spread of knowledge? Read more in a blogpost in the Open Science blog. We added a few examples of open available online wikis and dossiers.

Would you like to know more about spreading research results into the classroom? Please contact the Servicedesk to see if WUR Library can create a solution for you.