SGL alumna Cindy Quik wins thesis award of the Dutch Soil Science Association NBV

Published on
November 14, 2016

During the annual fall symposium of the Nederlands Bodemkundige Vereniging (NBV), SGL alumna Cindy Quik was awarded the NBV Hissinkprijs.

The NBV Hissink prize

Cindy Quik was awarded the NBV Hissinkprijs for her Master thesis ‘Historical morphodynamics of the Overijsselse Vecht: Extreme lateral migration of meander bends caused by drift-sand activity?’ She was supervised by Jakob Wallinga and Bart Makaske.

From the jury evaluation: Cindy’s research covered the soil sciences in the broadest sense. She uses soil geography (observed/sampled in the field) to reconstruct landscapes. She clearly discusses societal relevance and how her research can be used by stakeholders. By combining field sampling, laboratory dating, and analysis of historical maps, she uses an innovative set of methods and themes to approach her research questions. She gives a good overview of both relevant and current literature, has clear research questions, and her results are analysed and reported in an excellent way. Her English is good and very subtle, she clearly knows how to find the right words to give potential (but not 100% certain) explanations for her findings, and also explains jargon well. An innovative piece of work that is a joy to read.

The NBV Hissinkprijs is awarded to University and HBO theses in alternating years, this year 12 University theses were evaluated. Aspects that were considered by the jury were scientific quality, innovative character, societal relevance and writing style.

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Cindy Quick Msc showing the NBV Hissink prize certificate