SIC Sterksel congratulates the Verhoeven family with their innovative pig housing!

Published on
July 3, 2014

Hans Verhoeven had one specific goal when he built a new stable for his finishing pigs: reducing ammonia emission both in and around the stable. Washing the out coming air of the stable was therefore no solution, so innovation was needed. To accomplish this, Hans Verhoeven combined his own experience and insights with knowledge from research and expertise from different companies.

The result: reduction of ammonia at the source, by reducing the amount of metal slatted floor (the toilet) in the back of the pen. This results in a reduction of the emitting surface for ammonia. By cooling the slurry tray underneath the slatted floor to 15 degrees, the enzymatic processes that form ammonia are stopped.

In order to obtain the theoretically requested 85% reduction of ammonia emissions, the solid floors have to stay clean. The floor can therefore both be heated and cooled on demand. The heating is needed in the winter, and during the first days after entering the finisher room. Cooling is advantageous for heavier animals, and during summer, because it stimulates good lying- and defecating behavior. The warmth that is reclaimed  from the water can be re-used on other parts of the farm. But the cooling of finishing pigs has also another advantage: it improves feed intake of finishers during summer, which improves daily rate and other technical results.

What else is new in this stable?

  • Clean drinking water: by using  a system that causes a continuous flow of water through the ducts. Furthermore, the ducts are isolated to ensure that the water stays cool for the pigs.
  • Every pen contains out of three parts for in total 44 finishers, with individually closable doors. A feeding unit is placed in two of the three pens. When the frontrunners are going to slaughterhouse, it’s possible to deliver them sober, because the heavy animals can be easily separated from the rest the day before.

Afbeelding 2.jpg

In other words: we would like to wish the pig farmers all the best with this new stable. They can be proud of what they have accomplished already!