SWU Thymos is looking for new board members!

Published on
January 8, 2021

Still thinking about what to do next year? Are you perhaps looking for a new challenge and/or are you longing for a study break? And above all, do you like sports?! Then a board year at SWU Thymos might be the right thing for you!

The Daily Board (DB) of SWU Thymos consists of 6 people: chair, secretary/vice-chair, treasurer, commissioner of publicity and two commissioners of sports. All six board members receive a grant from the University. Every day they commit themselves a 100% to student sports in Wageningen. Our goal is to create a favourable and beneficial sports climate by offering the needed facilities (together with Sports Centre de Bongerd (SCB)) and by organising events for students. SWU Thymos organises over 30 sports events every year! These are all kinds of activities like Thymos Experiences, tournaments and yearly events.

At the moment there are 32 student sports associations (ssa’s) in Wageningen. SWU Thymos is looking after their interests in several ways. Besides that, we support students who want to establish a new student sports association, we are working on the foundation of a diving association at the moment for example. Finally, we also look after the interests of students that are not bound to a ssa.

If you want to apply for a board year at SWU Thymos you can send an e-mail to In the attachments we would like to see a motivation letter with a maximum of 2 A4s in which you describe the topics you find below. Furthermore, you have to send your CV.

  • Which studies are you in? And in which year?
  • What are your connections to sports? And your connections with sports in Wageningen?
  • Have you already been active in a board/committee? Which ones, and what did you learn?
  • What is your motivation to apply for a board year at SWU Thymos?
  • Did you already think about positions within the board? Which positions do you want to take in the board and why? Which function(s) do you not want to take, and why?
  • What are your qualities? And what do you want to learn within you board year?
  • What are your bad and good personality traits. How can this contribute to the board and which traits might be challenging for the rest of the board members?

If you have any further questions, you can always visit us at our office or call to 0317-482746.

With sportive regards,

Daily Board SWU Thymos 2020-2021