Securely dated early hominin artefact in Anatolia?

Published on
January 5, 2015

SGL researchers together with NewCastle, Harran, Utrecht, Twente and Amsterdam (VU) universities securely dated a chance find of a human artefact in Turkey. Published in Quaternary Science Reviews.

This publication in Quaternary Science Reviews presents a Palaeolithic artefact, a hard-hammer flake, luckily found in fluvial sediments associated with the Early Pleistocene Gediz River of Western Turkey. Dating of lava flows that blocked and buried the old river system results in hard evidence that hominin occupation of the valley occurred within a time period spanning 1.24 Ma and 1.17 Ma, making this the earliest, securely-dated, record of hominin occupation in Anatolia thus far identified.

Photo: The famous flake, Photo Maddy - Veldkamp


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