Simulation monographs digitally available

Published on
September 20, 2011

The Library is making every effort to digitise more Wageningen output, but we have limited funds to do this. Still, we’re achieving some nice results.

One of the book series from the PUDOC funds, which is still frequently used and cited, is Simulation Monographs.The series was started by Prof. Dr ir C.T. de Wit. As heir of PUDOC, the Library has the rights to the series and has decided to digitise it. The series volumes are easily found in the catalogue at Simulation Monographs.

In the series, you can find citation classics such as Simulation of plant growth and crop production from 1982, Simulation of assimilation, respiration and transpiration of crops from 1989 and Simulation and systems management in crop protection from 1989. In Wageningen Yield, the Simulation Monographs are accessible per chapter. In Yield you can now find 80 results.

The Library is currently working on digitising all Wageningen dissertations. About 150 dissertations from 1918-1955 have already been digitised.

If you have digital versions of Wageningen output, the Library will be happy to assist you in entering it into the e-depot and making it digitally available.If you’d like to discuss the possibility, please contact the Service Desk.

(newsletter 5-2011)