Speeding up veterinary vaccine development

Published on
October 20, 2017

At the TOPRA Veterinary Medicines Symposium Jeroen Kortekaas argued that European legislation should be adapted to enable more rapid development and deployment of veterinary vaccines in order to adequately control future outbreaks.

As a spokesman of the Zoonosis Anticipation and Preparedness Initiative Jeroen was invited to present novel technologies that can be used to develop vaccines within weeks after pathogen emergence, particularly focusing on “platform” technologies. After introducing novel vaccine technologies, he argued that innovations in legislation are urgently needed to be able to bring these novel technologies to the field. Ideas about the required changes in legislation have already transformed into actions. For more information on this exciting topic contact Jeroen Kortekaas.

TOPRA Annual Symposium

Jeroen Kortekaas was an invited speaker at the Veterinary Medicines Symposium of The Organisation for Professionals in Regulatory Affairs (TOPRA) was on October 4th, held in Londen, UK. This symposium was part of the TOPRA Annual Symposium, which is the largest and most comprehensive regulatory affairs conference in Europe. It is unique in the way it combines the worlds of human medicines, medical devices and veterinary medicines all in one venue, bringing regulators and industry together to discuss the current issues and challenges we all face, and to discuss new ways of how we can collectively deliver on the core purpose of our shared mission: To make a difference to patients, both humans and animal, worldwide.