Start of building work on Unilever Global Foods Innovation Centre

Published on
September 4, 2017

Monday 4 September sees the start of preliminary building work for Unilever on the current P4 site. From Monday 11 September, P4 will no longer be accessible. The 73 WUR parking spaces next to Friesland Campina are not on P4, and will therefore sill be available.

The building work coincides with the construction of the parking deck on P1, and will therefore cause substantial changes to the parking situation on campus in the next six months. There will still be enough parking spaces, but they will be further away from the buildings than the spaces currently used by people visiting and working in Atlas and Radix.

The new parking spaces (200) are on a temporary car park behind Axis-Z. There are signs pointing to the P2 and P3 car parks, as well as the 94 parking spaces next to Plus Ultra, which are often under-used. The parking spaces close to Plus Ultra and FrieslandCampina will be signposted as ‘temporary parking P4’, and can also be found on the digital map of the campus.

Charging electric cars

The charging points for electric cars (each point has two charging outlets) will temporarily be moved from P4 to other locations at ESG and Leeuwenborch.
Detailed information will be provided as soon as the charging points have been moved. Charging points are also available on P2, P3 and at ESG. When the new parking deck is ready, P1 will also have 3 charging points (for 6 cars).

Car park

Preliminary work on the Unilever Global Foods Innovation Centre will last until November. More information about the building work will be published shortly. The building will comprise four floors and a parking deck with 300 parking spaces, which will also be accessible to staff and visitors of the campus.

Work on campus car park P1

On 14 August, work started on developing the P1 car park next to Radix. A new parking deck is to be built, so that P1 will eventually provide parking space for 650 cars. The new parking deck is expected to be ready for use in February 2018.