Start-up Zzinga wins Sergey Vykhodtsev Award during the Global Student Entrepreneur Awards

Published on
April 18, 2019

Fabian Lindner, owner of the start-up Zzinga, successfully represented the Netherlands with his honey drink during the Global Student Entrepreneur Awards in Macau, China.

Zzinga did not make it through to the finals, but the young entrepreneur did receive one of the three Chairman’s Awards: “The Sergey Vykhodtsev Award - Lessons from the Edge”, worth 1500 USD. The student entrepreneur received his award for his perseverance and strength in overcoming personal and professional obstacles. He turned it into a valuable lesson to improve the company. 
Watch the video to find out the obstacles which he overcame.

Learning entrepreneurship alongside studying

The Italian Lindner has been studying Management, Economics, and Consumer Studies in Wageningen since 2016. He chose Wageningen as this offered him the opportunity to gain entrepreneurial skills alongside his study. Lindner chose Entrepreneurship as a Master track and enrolled in the StartHub start-up week.

Fabian Lindner’s idea for his own business started after tasting mead, a drink made from fermented honey. He started making mead in Italy.

StartHub start-upweek

To turn his love for mead into something more concrete, Fabian registered for the StartHub start-up week. “During this week, you create a business model in a team of three to four people. We decided to position the Zzinga brand as a modern interpretation of mead: a lightly sparkling honey drink. And we wanted to contribute something to the world by telling the story of bees and their role in biodiversity, as well as by donating a part of the proceeds to local NGOs that protect bees and promote biodiversity.”

Currently, Lindner owns a start-up that produces a modern interpretation of mead.

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