Student cabinet with WUR minister of LOVE

Published on
March 29, 2021

Marieke van Vonderen (23) from Wageningen is to commence as Minister of LOVE in the student cabinet. LOVE is the Dutch acronym for Agriculture, Environment, Food and Energy. She is a masters’ student of Nutrition & Health and Food Technology at WUR. As a student minister, she intends to play a significant role in the transition towards a sustainable and resilient society.

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‘As a society, we face a series of complex challenges in the domain of climate, energy, space, food and health, that are inextricably interconnected’, Marieke states on the student cabinet website. This calls for an integrated vision, long-term governance, innovation and collaboration with my fellow-ministers and all parties in society. From farmer to consumer, civic organisations, the business sector, government and knowledge institutes. Moreover, international collaboration is of critical importance.’

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The student cabinet

The student cabinet aims to include education and science in critical decisions. It represents a new generation that looks ahead and strives to take real steps. The student cabinet Prime-Minister is the 23-year-old Timon Metz, a masters’ student in Technical Business Management at Twente University. His team of ministers includes students from all the Dutch universities. All their ambitions have been recorded in their own coalition agreement. All information on the student cabinet can be found on