Student symposia

Published on
June 12, 2018

Starting at the 28th of June 2018, we will have a new set-up for student colloquia. There will be 6 dates a year at which BSc and MSc thesis students will present their work (week 7, 15, 27, 35, 43 or 51).

BSc and MSc students that perform their thesis at Nematology will present their work during a student symposia. BSc students present their results in a short pitch-like presentation of 5 minutes. MSc students present their work as a 15-minute presentation. After the presentation there will be room for some questions. The symposium afternoon will be closed with drinks. Remaining questions and discussion points can be kept for the drinks after the symposium.

This set-up is very efficient and stimulates (scientific) discussion and feedback after colloquia.