Study visit FABIO

Published on
October 26, 2017

FABIO, a Japanese network organisation for Agri & Food (interested) companies active in production, processing, distribution & marketing visited Wageningen University & Research (WUR) from 9 till 11 October. The goal of the visit was to learn more about processing, storage, distribution, logistics of vegetables. Wageningen Academy developed a 2.5 day programme for the delegation, consisting of 20 agri-business executives.

Different experts of the WUR contributed to the programme by giving lectures about post-harvest technology, plant phenomics, the PickNpack project and more. Next to that the delegation visited Agri Port and Syngenta. The delegation was lucky to visit the just opened new research facility Phenomea, where they could see and learn about high-tech testing facilities such as robotic arms that can determine the quality of a product.

Phenomea will become a one-stop shop, where partners along the chain, such as in the fruit, vegetable and flower sector, can collaborate with Wageningen researchers to minimise the postharvest losses.

Participant experiences

The participants rated the programme with a 4.2 (scale 1 to 5). As one of the participants commented: “This programme is so nice for me that I can image the solution of my companies problem”.