Summer School on image analysis for plant phenotyping, 2018 edition


Summer School Plant Phenotyping #SSPP18

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July 11, 2018

Last week the Summer School on image analysis for plant phenotyping was held at the Wageningen University & Research Campus.

This year’s edition, just like last years was fully booked. Participants from all over the world travelled to Wageningen to learn more about phenotyping: thirty-eight participants from eleven countries, coming from Europe (53%), Asia (31%) and America (15%). The programme consisted of lectures, demonstrations, tours & hands-on training for researchers working on automatic phenotyping and technical experts in breeding companies who use, or plan to use, image analysis.

The course leaders Gerrit Polder and Rick van de Zedde together with colleagues from Wageningen University & Research and guest speakers from industry and research institutes provided a diverse programme regarding the following subjects:

• Images and image quality
• Noise and image enhancement
• Segmentation
• Multi- and hyperspectral imaging
• Deep learning, convolutional neural networks
• Lab session 3D data analysis / interpretation
• Lab segmentation
• Open session and case studies

During the course there was ample time for discussion with the experts and each other and of course also time for socializing and networking.
Participant experiences are displayed on the right. Course leaders Rick van de Zedde and Gerrit Polder were also asked to describe their experience: “What inspires me most are the interactive sessions; new and refreshing insights emerge, because of the different disciplines of the participants and teachers from industry and academia. Our aim this year was to create a good balance between participants from industry and academia to stimulate the interaction between these two ‘worlds’. The result was a near perfect 50-50 ratio. By discussing challenges for their own projects, we’ve set the foundation for new collaborations. "

With gratitude to our sponsors, 30MHz, Université D’angers, Huxley, MVTec, PSI, SpectraPartners and Stemmer Imaging.

Summer School 2018
Summer School 2018
Summer School 2018