Press release

Teaser on article Ilse Voskamp in 'Amsterdam Science'

Published on
May 8, 2017

In the latest issue of 'Amsterdam Science' (#5, April 2017, page 24 Spotlight) is a 'teaser' on the article by Ilse Voskamp that will be released later.

The little article about Ilse Voskamp in 'Spotlight' on page 24.

Aim and Scope of 'Amsterdam Science':

Amsterdam Science aims to be a platform that displays the enormous creativity, quality, diversity and enthusiasm of the Amsterdam scientific community. It offers early career scientists (MSc students, PhD candidates, postdoctoral fellows), as well as more advanced researchers, the opportunity to communicate their latest and most interesting findings to a broad audience.

We cover all active research areas in Amsterdam (ranging from mathematics, physics and chemistry to earth, life and environmental sciences) and highlight research from both universities (UvA and VU), as well as the various research institutes in our nation’s capital. The magazine is distributed widely across Amsterdam. In addition, it is sent out to more than 500 contacts in academia, industry and government.