Test with 'Green Junkie' honeysuckle to capture particle matter


Test with 'Green Junkie' honeysuckle to capture particle matter

Published on
June 13, 2016

The Municipality of Amsterdam is eager to help test our new ideas and concepts that aim to improve air quality. In collaboration with the business community, the Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Metropolitan Solutions (AMS Institute) and Wageningen UR, the Municipality is launching a research project in the Zuid urban district, focusing on CO2 and plants that capture particular matter. These plants are also known as 'Green Junkies'.

Clean air is essential in ensuring the liveability of the city and health of its inhabitants. The project will run for ten days and involves a test setup with plants and a transparent wind tunnel placed on green strips of land along President Kennedylaan.

The name 'Green Junkie'

The plant is named a 'Green Junkie' because it is 'addicted' to airborne particle matter. Organically cultivated by the plant breeder MyEarth, the 'Green Junkie' is a variation of honeysuckle with larger and hairier leaves.

Presentation on Friday 10 June

The launch of the research, presented on Friday 10 June opposite President Kennedylaan 66, was attended by Ton van Oostwaard (the brain behind the 'Green Junkie'), Paul Slettenhaar, a member of the Zuid urban district's management committee, and researcher Bert Heusinkeld (pictured from left to right).

The future

The results will be presented on 6 September at the 020Duurzaam symposium. Not only will the outcomes provide an enormous boost to urban health and wellbeing, but the concept in itself is very simple. Following on from the results, other places in the Zuid urban district will be planted with 'Green Junkies'.