The Forum: impressions from inside the building

Published on
February 20, 2007

On Saturday, September 9, 2006, the great moment had come. The Forum Building, where an important part of the Wageningen University ’s teaching activities are going to take place and where Van Hall Larenstein University of Professional Education and Wageningen UR Library are going to be housed, showed its interior as well.

From the moment the scaffolding was removed the building has taken up a prominent position on De  Born. The fact that the building does not look like a massive colossus is mainly due to the impressive, but quite inviting glass fronts, marking the entrance on two sides. Inside you imagine yourself within an inner court where several buildings are connected. Light falls in from all around you, strengthening the fascinating line pattern of the building elements. The view is splendid, especially from the top floors. The openness of the building is also due to the - beautifully designed  - glass roofs and to the ball that forms the core of the library. See the pictures!

The comments made by the visitors were almost unanimously very positive: “Open, light, spacious, impressive, large fascinating galleries, lovely wood”. The students are pleased with this concentration of teaching and library facilities and the extended opening hours.

With the new Forum building and the renovated Leeuwenborch the Library offers modern, information rich work and study environments with the centre of education.

(Newsletter 1-2007)