The Groen Kennisnet (Green knowledge Net) Newsletter

Published on
December 29, 2010

Groen Kennisnet offers up-to-date green knowledge for education, research, industry, policymakers and for everyone who wants to use it. The net contains practical articles, reports, websites and learning aids as well as information about green knowledge institutions and their innovation projects. The website’s daily news bulletins alert users to newly obtained information resources and to current events within the green domain

A biweekly newsletter has recently started appearing with a selection of previously published news bulletins. However, the newsletter begins with two regular items:

  1. In ‘Slim kennis delen met Groen Kennisnet' (Smart Knowledge Sharing with the Green Knowledge Net), the editors give users insight into how the Groen Kennisnet works. Using examples, the editors explain how parties can reach a broader public with their information and how this mutually benefits all parties concerned. The latest newsletter showed how the Groen Kennisnet collaborates with publishers to get more material digitally available.
  2. In ‘Uitgelicht’ (Spotlight), the newsletter highlights the Groen Kennisnet’s different subject areas. In this section, topicality determines the subject choice. For example, in the most recent newsletter, nature conservation was the subject because of the events surrounding the Oostvaardersplassen.

Groen Kennisnet is a service of the Disseminating Public Knowledge programme from the Groene Kennis Coöperatie (Green Knowledge Cooperation).

More information: Rob van Genderen

(Newsletter 6-2010)