The Library: Heart of the Forum

Published on
November 23, 2004

The Forum, currently being built in 'The Born' in Wageningen, is due to be completed by the end of June, 2006, and will become the central location for education and information facilities. It will hold seventy percent of the University's education facilities and will be the main home of the Library. The Dutch Government Minister, Cees Veerman, gave the official go-ahead for the new building while laying the foundation stone on 10th November 2004. Once the new library becomes fully functional, users will be much better served than in the past. By concentrating everything under one roof, the number of locations in Wageningen will be reduced from twenty to two: the Forum and the existing Leeuwenborch library. The Forum will also house the collection from the Larenstein College in Deventer. The Library will be able to offer visitors to the Forum excellent facilities: a variety of places to study, three hundred work stations, excellently equipped PGO rooms, professional support, etc. Extension of the opening times will be considered to seven days and five evenings per week.
Because the Library will be situated in the heart of the Forum, ways of using it will vary: simply returning a book, reading the most recent edition of a journal, studying, or writing a dissertation. Literally and figuratively, the Library will be the Heart of the Forum.

(Newsletter 11-2004)