The Library's Mien Ruys Collection

Published on
January 11, 2004

Wageningen UR Library now houses the Mien Ruys (author of popular gardening books) Collection. The personal collection of this Dutch garden designer, who died in 1999, contains 6,000 drawings and 2,500 files and was hitherto housed in the Mien Ruys Bureau of Garden and Landscape Designers PLC in Amsterdam and in the grounds of the Mien Ruys Gardens in Dedemsvaart. In October 2003 part of the material was packed in 120 removal boxes and transferred to the Library. However, it was not immediately available to visitors. Supported by the Promotion Fund for Architecture, an external researcher, Leo den Dulk, studies and documents the collection and also writes a book on the life and work of Mien Ruys. The material is expected to be included in the TUIN database by the end of 2005. So far about half the work has been documented. No spectacular discoveries have yet been made or uncovered. Material prior to 1960 (most of which has been destroyed) may be found sporadically in documents of later projects. Two mice nests have already been found amongst the papers!
Den Dulk publishes a newsletter on developments, which is reported quarterly to the members of the education committee and other interested parties.

(Newsletter 12-2004)