The search boxes of the Groen Kennisnet (Green KnowledgeNet)

Published on
May 25, 2010

Making knowledge in the field of Food and Green as efficiently accessible as possible and encouraging the sharing of and facilitating this knowledge for a broad public is the goal of Groen Kennisnet.

One of the products developed for this is the Groen Kennisnet (Green Knowledge) Search Box. Using the search box, users can search -- from all kinds of sites -- the Groen Kennisnet's Collection, a compilation of collections that includes ARTIK+, het Ontwikkelcentrum (the Development Centre), Teleblik (Teleview), Groene lab (Green lab) and QMP-toetsen (QMP tests). In exchange for sharing their collection with the Groen Kennisnet, web administrators from 'green' sites can place a search box on the Groen Kennisnet on their site. In this way they are enriching their site’s resource collection, and the resources of the Groen Kennisnet will reach a broader audience.

Some examples of this knowledge sharing:

  • DCA Boer en Business (Farmer and Business) ,where the Groen Kennisnet collection is limited on information for agrarian entrepreneurs
  • Nederlands Hippisch Kenniscentrum (Dutch Equestrian Knowledge Centre), where the Groen Kennisnet information is
    limited for horse breeding

The search box is also placed on the Groen Kennisnet’s education page. This search box is adapted so that the search results can also be filtered for educational metadata. Instructors can then easily convert the results into a digital learning environment.

Of course, users can search through the complete information resource at Groen Kennisnet Home.

Groen Kennisnet is a service of the Disseminating Public Knowledge programme from the Groene Kennis Coöperatie (Green Knowledge Cooperation).

More information about the Groen Kennisnet and its products: Rob van Genderen

(Newsletter 5-2010)