Tianye ZHENG: the 1000th Master in Environmental Sciences

Published on
October 3, 2016

Tianye ZHENG was the 1000th student to earn a Master’s degree in Environmental Sciences from Wageningen University. Since the start of the current programme in September 2002, 1004 students had graduated as Master of Science in Environmental Sciences by the end of August 2016. Together they represent 85 nationalities; the Environmental Sciences MSc programme thus provides a truly international classroom.

Tianye was pleasantly surprised to hear during the degree awarding ceremony that he was the 1000th graduate. About his experience in Wageningen he comments: “It was an amazing journey. The research-oriented approach of the study was something that I very much appreciated. I especially enjoyed my internship in Canada and my thesis research at Wageningen University. My thesis subject was in the field of Environmental Technology and more specifically about producing methane with bio-electrochemical systems. The aim of this technology is to store renewable electric energy produced from wind or solar energy when supply exceeds demand and to use this energy later when there is a shortage. Microbiological processes are used to convert electric energy to methane, which is much more convenient to store.”

Tianye would like to stay in academia. He pursues a PhD position. “I already have found a job as a research assistant at Hong Kong Polytechnic University and from there I will try to get funding for a PhD position.”

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