Tip: Did you know that ....

Published on
October 23, 2007

Did you know that the Forum Library and the Leeuwenborch Library are open in the evenings and in the weekend?

We can also help you in the evenings and in the weekend with, for example, consulting databases or looking for books.  

All books in the Leeuwenborch and a part of the books in the Forum are in open stacks and can always be used or borrowed. The majority of books in the Forum Library are housed in a closed repository and cannot be accessed in the evenings or in the weekend, but they can be reserved.  If you reserve a book, it will be available to you at 9 am the next working day.  Wageningen UR employees do not need to come to the library to pick up their reserved books. They will receive them in the internal mail.  

Opening hours: Forum Library and Leeuwenborch Library.

(Newsletter 6-2007)