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Published on
May 25, 2010

Using our catalogue you can find books near you?

When you're searching at home for a book in the Wageningen UR Library catalogue and you find a book you’re interested in, you’ll receive not only the availability of that book in the Wageningen UR Library, but also a little overview from WorldCat of other libraries where the book is available. This will appear under the heading Also available at.
However, Wageningen UR employees and students who are logged in to My Library and are recognized as such will not see this little overview from other libraries outside of Wageningen. And, they don’t have to because they can borrow the books directly from our library! This is a service for the general public.

Did you know that you can browse books through the catalogue?

Anyone who finds a book in the catalogue will now often see a picture of the book´s cover as well as a link to Many books will also have a link to Google books if the book can be partially read (partial view) or completely read (full view) through Google books.

Some examples of this new feature:

(Newsletter 5-2010)