Tips for WUR Library Search

Published on
November 5, 2018

You can find the collection of WUR Library in WUR Library Search, together with the collections of other libraries in the Netherlands and libraries worldwide. Here are some tips to get the best search results.

With WUR Library Search you search in a collection of millions of journal articles, books, proceedings and reports. By default you search in the collection of WUR Library.

1. Using the Advanced Search

When you are searching for a known item you can use title and author keywords or a combination thereof in Advanced Search.

Click the Advanced Search link under the initial search bar.

advanced search.JPG

On the left side choose Author and Title in the drop down box. On the right side enter your search terms.

You'll be given a choice on how to combine your search terms.

  • AND: all search terms must be present in the resulting records
  • OR: any of your search terms can be present in the resulting records
  • NOT: exclude terms from your search

´╗┐Need more rows? Click on the Add row button.

2. Getting too many results?

Use the left-hand menu option Format to further refine your search to inlude only books or articles.

1e plaatje.JPG

3. Getting few or no results?


Expand your search by clicking the Libraries Worldwide or Libraries in the Netherlands option in the left-hand menu.

4. Document request

If a book or article is not available at WUR Library but you see Held by: Libraries in the Netherlands, you can request the book or article through interlibrary loan (ILL). To make an interlibrary loan or copy request, click on the blue 'Get it' button. Note that this service is not free for students. For more information see Reserving and document supply.

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