Tjeerd de Jong Award

Published on
July 13, 2021

Chiara Lipori, MSc thesis student at the Adaptation Physiology Group, won the Tjeerd de Jong Award for her research proposal 'Unravelling the neuroendocrine regulation of maternal care in loose housed sows'.

Chiara has ‘no words’ for winning the award and she will use her price to get ready for her PhD. She will spend a substantial part of the money to do a pig-specific laboratory animal science course.

My ambition for the coming years is to carry out my PhD. As it stands now, I will be working during my PhD on the project I wrote myself, so that is actually a dream come true
Chiara Lipori

Chiara’s idea arose during her MSc thesis, where she studied the behavior of sows. Chiara: ‘I saw a big difference in the quality of maternal behavior of the sows, some sows were very good mothers and others were bad mothers. I started to wonder how it is possible that there are such large differences in the quality of maternal behavior and what the possible underlying causes could be’.

The Tjeerd de Jong Award, a research prize Animal Husbandry and Economics, is an encouragement for excellent MSc students to carry out and deepen a special research or idea in the completion of the MSc phase. The prize ties in with the Research Master Cluster that is part of the final year of the MSc phase. 

The prize consists of an amount of 2000 euro that Chiara can spend on the development of her career.

We are very proud of Chiara!