Together with 90 Dutch professors Gert Spaargaren calls for a radical transition towards a green economy

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April 24, 2017
Together with 90 professors ENP-professor Gert Spaargaren calls for Dutch Parliament to initiate a radical transition towards a green economy. This is done in an open letter published in Dutch newspaper Trouw.In the letter Dutch professors state that ‘for the Netherlands, deeply rooted in a fossil fuel economy, the transition towards a new, clean economy is the greatest challenge for the next few decades.

At current, the Netherlands is still dangling at the bottom of the EU ranking list of sustainable energy. And of all EU countries the Netherlands is the farthest from its own sustainable energy targets. Only a long-term governmental effort based on a consistent combination of vision, strategy and action will help to make the Netherlands a frontrunner in the new economy.’The transformation towards a housing stock free of natural gas, an industry based on green natural resources, a sustainable and climate-smart agricultural system, an electrically driven mobility system and a new, decentral, digital energy infrastructure is considered the main challenge. The open letter contains 12 recommendations for a new government, among others:

1)      Appoint a Minister for Energy and Climate

2)      Launch a program for broad, fiscal ‘greening’

3)      Introduce a CO2-tax for Dutch industry

4)      Stimulate a retrofit of the existing housing stock towards energy-neutral housing

5)      Stimulate large-scale generation of renewable energy

6)      Close the 5 remaining coal-fired power stations in 2020

7)      Implement a kilometer-based charge for vehicles

8)      Integrate sustainability-theme into the educational curriculum

9)      Develop an investment fund for sustainable innovations

You can read all the recommendations and the open letter here (in Dutch):

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