Transformative change

Published on
October 27, 2021

'Transformative change' is about a fundamental shift in the way society governs itself. It concerns the many interlinked challenges in society, of which (the loss of) biodiversity is one. At Wageningen University & Research, we explore different ways in which researchers engage with transformative change, in order to help surface contrasts and differences and create better connections, to move forward collectively. We invite researchers to explore this journey together with us!

Margriet Goris made a short film on the role of research in transformative societal change with her colleague Pauline van Tuyll. It features WUR researchers Emmanuel Adu-Ampong (GEO), Imke De Boer, Kate Massarella, Arjen Wals and Josephine Chambers. They each elaborate on how we can enhance our research @WUR for transformative societal change.

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