Trimbot gets its cutting tools

Published on
March 14, 2017

This year we will shape a buxus wood to a geometric shape using the newly developed tools for our Trimbot.

As you might have experienced personally; cutting a bush usually requires that you have to go over it a few times before getting to the desired result. During trimming, your eyes serve as a feedback device that review the job which results in controlling your arm to the right spot, direction and depth. Although that same process can be copied using cameras, software and robot control. But, if the tool is properly designed a clear cut in one go might be obtained without these extra measures.

Omni-directionality is an important requirement for our robot tool. This means that it is possible to implement CNC control as used in modern 6-axis milling machines. We reviewed several cutting processes used in industry and in consumer products. Combining those inputs, we came up with the idea to use two custom designed circular counter rotating blades as shown in the picture. These will be powered using a DC servomotor and cuts through 8-10 branches at the time. Soon the whole system will be field tested in our test garden.

TrimBot2020 is funded by the European Union Horizon 2020 programme