Updated web pages 'For researchers'

Published on
May 4, 2017

The Library presents the revised 'For researchers' web pages. 'For researchers' helps you with finding sources for your research, publish your results, showcase your work and manage your data. The topics are extensively covered, with specific information relevant for WUR researchers.

Finding sources

How do you find literature, data or patents to use in your research? The Library provides access to many search databases. Find out how to use them, how to create alerts, and how to stay up to date with developments in your field.

EndNote and Mendeley

EndNote and Mendeley are WUR-supported reference managers that you can use to organise and cite your literature. Manuals are available, together with information on demos given by Library Staff.


The Library provides support and guidelines for publishing your results and research data. Find out how to choose a journal, and how to avoid predatory journals. Guidance is given on working with co-authors, on avoiding plagiarism, and on observing or changing publishers’ copyrights.

PhD thesis submission

WUR PhD theses are long-term archived and indexed by the Library. The page lists all steps to submit a PhD thesis to the Library, including how to obtain an ISSN and DOI, and arranging an embargo.

Open Access

Inform yourself about Open Access policies and the different roads to Open Access. Find out how the Library’s Journal browser can help you find your Open Access options.

Research impact

You can measure research impact through Bibliometrics or Altmetrics, and by using tools such as SciVal. Find out how to use profiles and networks to provide your unique ID as researcher and to draw readers to your publications. Make sure your WUR output is registered correctly to make it visible to the outside world.

Data management support

On these pages you find practical guidance, support and advice on managing your research data.

Library support

For specific questions, find a Library staff member who can help you with certain library services (e.g. data management and EndNote). For field-dependent questions (e.g. for systematic searches or field-specific databases), you can consult an information specialist with a background in one of the WUR Science Groups.

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