Using nature to mitigate the results of climate change

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October 20, 2020

Nature-based solutions are a way to use nature in finding solutions to combat climate change. This is the main topic during a large webinar in preparation for the international climate summit (the Climate Adaptation Summit) at the start of next year.

Climate change is increasingly perceptible, including in the Netherlands. It is becoming dryer and warmer, but there is also an increasing number of floods and storms. Our country has a long history of battling water and has much expertise in nature-based climate change adaptation.

Webinar ‘Finding nature-based solutions together’.

In anticipation of the digital Climate Adaptation Summit (CAS, the international summit on climate adaptation) in January 2021, WUR organises the “Finding nature-based solutions together’’ webinar. WUR-researchers, the Amsterdam municipality and the Dutch Unesco Committee hold presentations, alternated with panel discussions with the online audience.
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Climate also features prominently on the WUR-agenda. Regardless of what and where WUR scientists research, they always find themselves dealing with ‘the climate’, whether they are soil researchers, livestock scientists or planners. It is precisely this broad approach that has generated a veritable treasure cove of expertise on climate issues. By pooling these resources, the Wageningen approach may lead to unexpected solutions.

Examples of climate solutions by Wageningen

A project by Wageningen Marine Resources, in which oyster reefs have been established near the coast of Bangladesh is a fine example. Bangladesh is a densely populated, low delta and emerging nation. The oyster reefs protect the coast from flooding and attract crabs and fish, thus contributing to the food supply. The reefs also grow 2 cm per year, which means they can meet the rise in sea levels.

See more examples in ‘Smart climate solutions’

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