Van Holland Zalm at the Ministry of Agriculture

Published on
October 16, 2020

On the morning of Prinsjesdag 2020, the Ministry of Agriculture invited a few promising young entrepreneurs to discuss future food production. Rob Dortmans was invited and represented Van Holland Zalm. Rob followed the MSc Track Entrepreneurship at the WUR, besides his MSc in Aquaculture and Marine Resource Management. He started and developed Van Holland Zalm in our own community at StartHub Wageningen.

Van Holland Zalm is a landmark Dutch initiative to set up the first land-based salmon farm in the Netherlands. This farm will use revolutionary technology to promote biodiversity, make sustainable use of land and water and has an inclusive social agenda, while being economically viable. The company applies a circular approach to growing salmon, from egg to market-size fish, in a low-CO2 footprint farming facility. The entire process is done without use of chemicals and antibiotics. 

At the Ministry of Agriculture, Rob explained how responsible, transparent and socially acceptable aquaculture can contribute to the food production transition in the Netherlands. We congratulate Rob with his success with Van Holland Zalm!