Press release

WUR and RU will join forces to train more science teachers

Published on
May 17, 2018

Starting from next academic year, Wageningen students can obtain their first-degree teaching qualification in Chemistry and Physics at the Radboud Teachers Academy without any loss in terms of study time. A part of the Nijmegen teacher training programme will be included in the study programme of Wageningen. In this way, both universities are joining forces to contribute to reducing the shortage of teachers in secondary education. Today, the two universities will conclude this collaboration agreement.

"The curricula have been designed in such a way that students can complete their teacher training programme within the nominal study programme duration." Wageningen students who have obtained an educational minor for the second-degree teaching qualification in Wageningen will not be required to repeat this material at the Radboud Teachers Academy. This will save them half a year. The remaining six months of the teacher training programme at the Radboud Teachers Academy will be interwoven into the two-year Master’s programme of Wageningen.

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The collaboration will start out as a three-year pilot. As of September 2018, the ‘academic first-degree teacher for secondary education’ Master’s track will be open to Earth and Environment students and Molecular Life Sciences students. Monique Scheepers, Managing Director of the Radboud Teachers Academy, expects to welcome the first Wageningen students to Nijmegen in February 2019. "We hope to award them the first diplomas starting from the summer of 2019," she explains. "And each graduate will receive two diplomas: a Master’s diploma from Wageningen and an educational Master’s diploma from our Radboud Teachers Academy."