WUR at COP24 climate conference

Published on
December 3, 2018

From 3 to 14 December, the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) is hosting the 24th Conference of Parties (COP) in Katowice, Poland. The 190 countries that are participating in this conference will be attempting to flesh out the Paris Agreement, with a particular focus on the implementation guidelines laid out in the Paris Rulebook. Researchers from Wageningen University & Research are present to provide the delegations with valuable information and to keep abreast of the negotiations.

Programme on where you can meet WUR-reseachers:

Time Place Subject Contact
Tuesday 4 December 14:00-15:00h German Pavilion UNEP gap report UNEP - Niklas Höhne
Tuesday 4 December 15:00-16:30h Room Wisla Making climate action more transparent and ambitious New Climate Institute - Niklas Höhne
Wednesday 5 December 15:00-16:30h Room Warmia A new understanding of Paris-compatible climate action: Translating 1.5°C into technological, social, and political examples of transitional change around the world. New Climate Institute - Niklas Höhne
Wednesday 5 December 15:00-16:30h Side event: Bieszczady Transparent Forests – how the Global Forest Observations Initiative supports the REDD+ process. European Space Agency, GFOI - Martin Herold
Thursday 6 December 18:30-20:00h Room Warmia What has REDD+ achieved? Evaluating the impacts of REDD+ interventions on forests and people. CIFOR, Green Climate Fund and Wageningen University & Research - Martin Herold
Friday 7 December 12:00-13:30h German Pavilion Driving NDC Implementation. BMU - Niklas Höhne
Friday 7 December 14:30-16:00h EC Pavillion, Room Brussels The key role of forests in mitigating climate change: from the Paris Agreement to EU legislation. Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Lithuania; Wageningen University; REDD+ Business Initiative - Martin Herold
Saturday 8 December EU Pavilion Building partnerships and tracking progress – Role of non-state and subnational climate actors. DIE - Martin Herold
Monday 10 December 10:30-11:00h Press conference room Climate Change Performance index (CCPI). Release of the 2019 version of the Climate Change Performance Index. German Watch, New Climate Institute - Martin Herold
Tuesday 11 December 11:30-12:00h Press conference room Climate Action Tracker temperature update. Release of the up to date assessment of NDCs, their implementation and impact on global temperature. Clima ActionTracker, New Climate Institute - Martin Herold
Thursday 13 December 18:00-20:00h EC Pavilion, Area E Climate action, land and the Nexus. Wageningen Economic Research, IHE Delft Institute for Water Education; European Commission Joint Research Centre (JRC) - Floor Brouwer
Friday 14 December 11:30-13:00h Room Pieniny The Paris Agreement and the Nexus of water, energy and food: Policy coherence and serious games. Sim4Nexus - Floor Brouwer

CCAFS Activities managed by Wageningen University & Research

Time Place Subject Contact
Tuesday 4 December 16:00-18:00h Courtyard by Marriott Hotel Transforming food systems under a changing climate: from priorities to action CCAFS
Wednesday 5 December 15:15-16:45h Fiji Pavillion Enables for food system transformation CCAFS
Wednesday 5 December 16:45-18:15h Room Pieniny Climate smart agriculture - identifying the best bets CCAFS
Thursday 6 December 18:30-20:00h Bug room Next generation technologies to tackle climate challenges in agriculture CCAFS
Monday 10 December 18:30-20:00h Bieszczady room Leveraging finance to create opportunities for scaled climate action CCAFS
Tuesday 11 December 15:00-16:30h Bieszczady room Transforming agriculture by recarbonizing the Earth’s soil CCAFS
Woensdag 12 December 14:00-18:00h Hotel Monopol Stepping up food systems transformation under a changing climate CCAFS