Wageningen Campus snelle groeier


Wageningen Campus fast growing

Published on
June 8, 2018

This week the Buck Consultants International (BCI) consultancy published a report in which a total of 82 Dutch campuses / campus initiatives have been reviewed. Of which, 35 are classified as 'real' campuses. Wageningen Campus is part of the 10 adult campuses in the report. An important qualification is that there is a proven magnetic force on companies. The research shows that campuses have added value to companies because of a stimulating innovational environment. In which sharing research facilities, collaboration, business development and knowledge transfer are key. Also, more and more new companies (start-ups from home and abroad) are also opting for a campus as a business location.

Wageningen Campus is qualified as a fast grower, together with the Groningen campus. Finally, a remarkable result is that employment on campuses has grown much faster than in the municipalities in which they are located. In Wageningen between 2014 and 2018 this was even 44% on Campus compared to 2% in the municipality.

For more figures and extensive backgrounds, conclusions and recommendations in Dutch see.