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Wageningen Thesis Award for four excellent projects

Published on
February 26, 2014

Four students at Wageningen University have received a Wageningen University Fund Thesis Award. Overall Thesis Award winner Ties van de Laar was presented with a cash prize of €1000 for his thesis, which the jury described as ‘excellent’. The other award winners were Margot Andrieu, Patrick Ilg and Walinka van Tol.

On 12 February, the Wageningen University Fund awarded one prize in each educational domain. Board member Jules van Berlo presented the prizes in the Orion education building on Wageningen Campus during Wageningen University’s Winter Annual Introduction Days.

The winner of the Overall Thesis Award, Ties van de Laar (educational domain Agrotechnology & Food Science), received €1000. The other winners each received €500. In addition, everyone was given a bronze sculpture of the 'Wageningen Tree' made by Sjoerd Buisman, as well as a certificate and a jury report.

De winnaar van de Overall Scriptieprijs, Ties van de Laar (Foto: Guy Ackermans)

A Master’s student in Food Technology, Ties van de Laar won the Overall Thesis Award with his thesis ‘Flow of jammed binary suspensions in microchannels’. The jury described the winning thesis as an impressive piece of scientific work with considerable application potential as well. The student has combined theoretical analysis with original experimentation. "This is extremely important for the food industry", the jury concluded. “Ties van Laar has written the best thesis at Wageningen University this last year.”

The other winners of thesis awards are:

Margot Andrieu, (Environmental Sciences) , a French Master's student of Hydrology and Water Quality. Her thesis is entitled: ‘Assessment of the fate and effects of antibiotics on freshwater ecosystems surrounding catfish farms in the Mekong delta (Vietnam)’

Patrick Ilg, (Social Sciences), German Master’s student of Urban Environmental Management. His thesis is entitled: ‘Intergenerational discounting and long-term effects in the context of Nuclear Waste Management: An economic analysis of the Asse salt mine in Germany’

Walinka van Tol, (Life Sciences), Dutch Master’s student of Biology. Her thesis is entitled: ‘Memory of the mini wasps: Genetic basis of the difference in learning rate between two hymenopteran parasitoids, Nasonia vitripennis and Nasonia giraulti’

The Wageningen University Fund received 20 nominations in total. In evaluating them, the jury paid particular attention to technical and scientific quality, written presentation, applicability to practice and quality of the research within its scientific field. KLV Wageningen Alumni Network donated the monetary awards.

Photograph: Winner of the Overall Thesis Award, Ties van de Laar
Photograph: The four winners, with flowers from left to right: Silke Gabbert (representing winner Patrick Ilg), Margot Andrieu, Ties van de Laar and Walinka van Tol.