Wageningen University & Research in 64th place in the World University Ranking

Published on
September 6, 2017

According to the latest edition of the worldwide ranking of universities by Times Higher Education, Wageningen has moved up one rank this year, from 65th to 64th place. Wageningen scored well in the transfer of knowledge to the business community and in citations, and in three other categories (teaching, research, and international outlook), WUR is among the top 25% of the best universities worldwide.

This year, Wageningen received 46.6 points for teaching in comparison to 51.8 points last year. This represents a small decrease. However, Wageningen studies were cited a bit more often, as shown in the citation impact, in which WUR increased from 92.8 to 95.2. In the International Outlook category, Wageningen increased from 75.6 to 80.6 points. This was due to a higher percentage of international students and staff. Industry Income remained unchanged at 100 points.

Wageningen research is on the rise again

In the Research category, Wageningen rose back up to 53.6 in 2017 after a steep decrease last year. The papers-to-academic-staff ratio is back on track at 69.1 points in comparison to just 23.6 points last year. Such significant fluctuations in the ranking are not caused by big changes in the quality of the research, but rather by modifications to the methods used by Times Higher Education.

WUR is the 3rd highest ranking university in the Netherlands

With this small increase from 65th to 64th, Wageningen is now one of the highest-ranked Dutch universities on the list. Only the universities of Delft (2nd at 63rd place) and Amsterdam (the best Dutch university at 59th place) were ranked higher.

The World University Rankings, created annually by the British publication Times Higher Education, compares approximately 1500 universities worldwide by their core activities: teaching, research, citations, international outlook, and transfer of knowledge to the business community. The top 1000 of these universities are published.