Wageningen University & Research opens new Omnia building: a place to meet and share knowledge

Published on
May 10, 2022

Today, May 10, Omnia physically opens its doors. The new conference centre of Wageningen University & Research is intended for everyone who wants to meet each other and engage in dialogue during scientific events and symposia. The building offers an inspiring place for all kind of meetings, congresses, academic activities and workshops in the Agrofood and Life Sciences domain.

In order to create a space to engage, to discuss and find solutions to the global issues we face in today’s world, Wageningen University & Research (WUR) opens a new building, Omnia. Manager Chris van de Kreij says: “Omnia is a place for a deep and open discussion with partners, stakeholders and society. The building is situated on a prominent location on the Wageningen Campus in the heart of FoodValley. That makes Omnia accessible to a large number of partners in the AgroFood and Life Sciences domain and it strengthens the network in our domain." Various groups will be brought together to exchange knowledge through a balanced programme of promotions, conferences, dialogues, symposia and workshops.

Meet in Omnia

"In Omnia, there will be a sophisticated and conscious programming on topics in the AgroFood and Life Science domains, topics related to food and health, biodiversity, circularity and climate will be discussed”, says Chris. Organisations that want to make use of the spaces in Omnia will all be related to these subjects in one way or another. The high construction standard, with lots of glass and voluminous spaces, makes Omnia unique in its kind and suitable for professional meetings. Omnia is gas free and all electricity from WUR is green and CO2 neutral. Omnia's roof is completely covered with sedum and the surrounding wet nature garden contributes to biodiversity on Wageningen Campus."

Meetings and events

WUR believes it is important that organisations can meet each other, either planned or by chance. "Only by talking together, exchanging knowledge and interests, we are able to find solutions to the global issues we face," says Chris. Besides the WUR programming, external parties are invited to use Omnia's functionalities. All for the purpose of broad dialogue and knowledge sharing, but also other gatherings, workshops and sessions can be organised in Omnia. Omnia has several rooms available. This makes it possible to organise several meetings at the same time. "With the large and spacious foyer zones and a unique restaurant, this creates the space for unexpected meetings of the different visitors.

The restaurant located in Omnia – Faculty Club Novum - is a perfect place to receive guests and organise meetings. On weekdays, the restaurant is open for lunches, coffee, food and drinks. On Tuesday and Thursday evenings, the restaurant is also open for dinner. Excellent lunches, dinners and drinks can be served at conferences and symposia.