Wageningen for 15th time in row number one in the Netherlands

Published on
November 27, 2019

Wageningen University & Research (WUR) has been chosen as the “Best University” in the Netherlands for the 15th consecutive time. With a score of 74 points, the assessments of students from Wageningen of their Bachelor's programme surpasses those from other Dutch universities even more than last year. Of the 19 degree programmes, 15 were designated as “Top Programmes”. The best degree programme in the Netherlands is the Plant Sciences programme at Wageningen. This is what Guide to Higher Education (Keuzegids) 2020, an independent comparison of all Bachelor's programmes, announced today.

Third lustrum for Wageningen as the Best University in the Netherlands

Since 2004, WUR has been ranked first in the national university rankings for full-time Bachelor's programmes. This is also the case for 2020. Keuzegids wrote: “A cut above the rest: just as in previous years, Wageningen University came out on top”. This is evidenced by the 15 degree programmes that received the quality designation, because they received 76 or more (out of 100) points.

Best degree programme of the Netherlands

Plant Sciences, which scored 96 points, is the absolute best assessed degree programme in our country. Molecular Life Sciences (86) is also among the best. "Wageningen also scores exceptionally well in the field of ‘Exact & Informatica (Exact Science & Informatics)," according to Keuzegids. Tourism scores 64 points less, but still achieves three of the five stars in the total score.

Reviewed by students and experts

Students could give scores for the educational programme (level, coherence, working method), testing, quality of the lecturers (such as professional knowledge and supervision), practical orientation, study facilities, such as ICT facilities and classrooms, or feasibility of the study. These scores were all double plus (++) for Plant Sciences. In addition, there was a jury of experts, a panel of the Accreditation Organisation of the Netherlands and Flanders (NVAO).

Guide to Higher Education

In the overall score, the University of Twente comes in second (68.5 points) and third place is for the Open University (67 points). Just like last year, Radboud University in Nijmegen scores best in the category 'broad classic universities'. The average quality of university Bachelor's programmes is slightly better than last year and 2017.

The quality assessments in the Keuzegids are based on results from the National Student Survey (NSE) in which 270,000 students give their opinion about their degree programme and institution each year.

Score (points) per study
Study points (out of 100)
Plant Sciences 96
Molecular Life Sciences 86
Biology 84
Agrotechnology 82
Soil Water Atmosphere 80
Biotechnology 78
Food Technology 78
Forest and Nature Conservation 78
Health and Society 78
International Land and Water management 76
Environmental sciences 76
Communication and Life Sciences 76
Nutrition and Health 76
Animal Sciences 76
Management and Consumer Studies 76
International Development Studies 74
Economics 70
Landscape Architecture and Planning 66
Toerism (Joint degree) 64