Wageningen University voor de tweede keer meest duurzame Universiteit van Nederland


Wageningen most sustainable Dutch university for the second year in a row

Published on
June 11, 2014

Wageningen University was presented with the SustainaBul-award for the second year in a row. The 'SustainaBul' awarded to the most sustainable university and university of applied sciences in the Netherlands.

About the SustainaBul

The Sustainabul is an initiative of the student organisation Studenten voor Morgen and comparison website Rank a Brand. Over the past few weeks, all participating educational institutions completed an online questionnaire, assessing how they perform in different areas of sustainability. The questionnaire did not only include themes such as water consumption, waste processing and CO2 emissions, it also took into account factors such the involvement of students and staff, and the openness with which the organisation communicates about its policies.

"You can find it in our genes"

Sustainability coordinator Fennet van de Wetering is very happy with the results,  “We have worked very hard to get here over the last couple of years,” she says. Though the results did not come as a complete surprise to her, “Sustainability is not just another issue on the agenda in Wageningen, you can find it in our genes, like you can find it in the mission of our organisation”

Sustainability event

“We have talked to a lot of other organisations about the way they approach things. That is also a part of the philosophy of sustainability, helping others become more sustainable. And we will continue to do that in the future, for example by hosting a sustainability event on the Wageningen Campus on October the 16th. So please come and join us!”