Wageningen prominent in NOD

Published on
October 24, 2006

The Dutch Research Database (NOD) with information on scientific research, researchers and research institutes has approx. 300,000 unique visitors and covers all scientific disciplines (multidisciplinary).

'Wageningen' is prominent within NOD so that the Netherlands will remain informed of Wageningen research activities. Both the projects from the university and projects from the Dutch Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Wageningen UR is involved, automatically find their way through various files into the NOD. Also the publicly funded current and closed research projects of Wageningen UR can be found in the NOD. In the database one can also search on the expertise of Wageningen researchers and there is a direct link to their publications. You may search on research activity in 11 research areas.
Take a look in the NOD or ask for more information from Rolf Moeliker.

(Newsletter 6-2006)