Water Quality: a New Challenge for Global Scale Modelling

Published on
September 27, 2017

Water quality plays an important role in achieving sustainable development, and global water quality models can help to better understand sustainable pathways.

This was one of the major conclusions from a four-day workshop, organized in Wageningen on global water quality modelling. The objective of the workshop was to set an agenda for future modelling efforts that integrate our knowledge on water quantity and water quality, in search for sustainable pathways at the global scale, and for the long-term future.

Three issues were discussed in particular:

  1. Linkages between large-scale water quality modelling and sustainable development goals (SDGs)
  2. The use of large-scale water quality models to quantify synergies and trade-offs between SDGs, and
  3. Large-scale water quality issues on the policy and scientific agendas.

More than 40 experts participated in the workshop. Next year a follow-up workshop will be organized, indicating the vitality of the global water quality modelling community.

The workshop was initiated by dr Nynke Hofstra (Environmental Systems Analysis Group, Wageningen University & Research).

Organization: Nynke Hofstra, Martina Flörke (Universität Kassel), Michelle van Vliet, Emiel Spanier and Carolien Kroeze (Water Systems and Global Change Group, Wageningen University & Research).

Sponsors: OECD-CRP, WIMEK.