We are (still) going too far

Published on
June 28, 2022

Martijn Duineveld and René van der Duim wrote an opinion piece in Nederlands Dagblad (Dutch paper) about the need for change in the way tourism is governed, studied and practiced in the Netherlands.

In a context in which tourism policy is largely absent and industry holds the reins, they argue that we are in need of greater 'critical analysis of the functioning of the tourism industry and the government. [...] There is a lack of political decisiveness, a solid civil service, sufficient independent research and a counterforce to be able to think beyond growth and come up with alternative solutions'.

In short; do we want to continue the old way of doing -'business as usual'- or are we willing to move to a more sustainable way of tourism -'business as unusual'- ?

Link to article (Dutch-subsription needed)