Welcome Evie and Tim

Published on
January 18, 2016


‘During my PhD, I will be working on the selective oxidation of polysaccharides (starch in particular) with a heterogeneous catalyst, which will be based on metal particles on carbon nanofibres. The aim is to make anionic starch for use as superabsorbent material in nappies, for example. The conversion of starch into this ‘anionic starch’ is already possible. However,with the use of a heterogeneous catalyst, we hope to improve the sustainability of the process.

My supervisors will be Harry Bitter and Piet Buwalda. I will work on this project in cooperation with Tim Hoogstad, how will look at the same process, but from the modelling side instead of the experimental side in the lab.

I did my MSc in Biotechnology with focus on biobased chemistry, here in Wageningen.’


 "My PhD is part of the project "selective polysaccharide oxidation - new catalysts and new chains" In this project I'll be working together with Evie to find more sustainable methods to produce anionic polysaccharides. My focus lies on modelling the reactor and re-evaluating the production chain to accomplish a sustainable and economically feasible production process.  

My supervisors are Harry Bitter, Piet Buwalda and Ton van Boxtel. I specialized in environmental and bio-based technology during my MSc biotechnology, here in Wageningen”